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Founded in 1981, ZITAI has been in professional cold chamber die casting machine & ancillary equipments manufacturing ever since, Through years of dedication and commitment the name "ZITAI" is a finally being a source to be reckoned with & accepted in Die casting industry globally.

560T Die Casting Machine Supplier

Zitai Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.'s mission, as a worldwide 560T Die Casting Machine supplier, is to make its key technologies available to its final customers at an affordable price, by matching high quality. As an industry leader of 560T Die Casting Machine, we can manufacture first-rate 560T Die Casting Machine, ZDC-560TPS, aluminum casting machine with reasonable price. Our prime focus is to deliver products that exceed the expectations of our clients in a cost-effective manner. If you need any help at choosing the right 560T Die Casting Machine to match your requirements, we are happy to quote tailored to your requirements.
ZDC-560TPSA, 560T Die Casting Machine


560T Die Casting Machine

Locking force: 560Ton
Die height: 350-850mm
Tie bar distance: 750x750mm
Max. weight of shot: 6.0kgf
Max. casting area: 459~1029cm2
Horsepower required: 62KVA

Features :

Aluminum Casting Machine

Specifications :

  Main Item Unit ZDC-560TPSA
Locking Unit Locking force ton 560
Die platen dimension mm 1120 x 1075
Tie bar distance mm 750 x 750
Die height distance mm 350 ~ 850
Die stroke mm 550
Tie bar diameter mm Ø150
Die adjustment speed mm/min 70(50HZ)
Ejecting unit Ejecting force ton 26.7
Ejecting stroke mm 130
Core unit Electromagnetic valve PT 3/4" x 3(set)
Oil outlet PT 3/4" x 6(sets)
Electric system Motor capacity voltage KW Pump 37.5
Die adjustment 2.25
Power source V 220/380/415 (50/60HZ)
Capacity of power source KVA 62
Shot unit Shot force ton 34.6~46.9
Max. shot speed(*) M/Sec 4.5(*8.0)
Plunger stroke mm 600
Plunger tip penetration mm 250
Plunger tip diameter mm Min
Casting Pressure Kgf/cm2 900~1220 689~934 544~738
Casting area cm2 622~459 812~599 1029~758
Net shot weight Kgf 3.6 4.7 6.0
Cooling water system Cooling water inlet pipe diameter PT 1-1/2"
Die cooling water outlet pipe diameter (in & out) PT 1-1/4" x 1 (inlet)
2-1/2" x 1 (outlet)
Number of die cooling
water adjusting valve cooling water
PC 10 (inlet)
10 (outlet)
Die cooling water Ltr/min 50~90
Hydraulic system Die & ejecting pressure Kgf/cm2 140;160
Max. Intensified pressure of injection Kgf/cm2 225~305
Cycling oil volume Ltr 700
Cooling water Ltr/min 70~80 (Water temp 25oC)
Machine relation Machine size (LxWxH) mm 7000x2300x3600
Machine weight ton 23

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