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Zitai Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. provides a range of HPDC services for companies seeking to expand our business in China and abroad. Also, our team is some of the world’s leading HPDC Machine experts in delivering customer applications.
ZDC-1800TCM, 1800T Die Casting Machine


1800T Die Casting Machine

Locking force: 1800Ton
Die height: 550-1450mm
Tie bar distance: 1300x1300mm
Max. weight of shot: 26.4kgf
Max. casting area: 1316~2772cm2
Horsepower required: 190KVA

Specifications :

  Main Item Unit ZDC-1800TCM
Locking Unit Locking force ton 1800
Die platen dimension mm 1800 x 2060
Tie bar distance mm 1300 x 1300
Die height distance mm 550 ~ 1450
Die stroke mm 1350
Tie bar diameter mm Ø260
Die adjustment speed mm/min 66(50HZ)
Ejecting unit Ejecting force ton 65
Ejecting stroke mm 260
Core unit Electromagnetic valve PT 3/4" x 6(sets)
Oil outlet PT 3/4" x 12(sets)
Electric system Motor capacity voltage KW Pump 56.25X2(sets)
Power source V 220/380/415 (50/60HZ)
Capacity of power source KVA 190
Shot unit Shot force ton 100~130
Max. shot speed(*) M/Sec 6.0
Plunger stroke mm 1100
Plunger tip penetration mm 550
Plunger tip diameter mm Min Med Max
Ø110 Ø120 Ø130 Ø140
Casting Pressure Kgf/cm2 1052~1368 884~1150 753~979 649~845
Casting area cm2 1711~1316 2036~1566 2390~1838 2772~2131
Net shot weight Kgf 16.3 19.4 22.8 26.4
Cooling water system Cooling water inlet pipe diameter PT 2"
Die cooling water outlet pipe diameter
(in & out)
PT 1-1/4" x 1 (inlet)
2-1/2" x 1 (outlet)
Number of die cooling
water adjusting valve cooling water
PC 20 (inlet)
20 (outlet)
Die cooling water Ltr/min 100~150
Hydraulic system Die & ejecting pressure Kgf/cm2 180
Max. Intensified pressure of injection Kgf/cm2 263~342
Cycling oil volume Ltr 2296
Cooling water Ltr/min 200 (Water temp 25oC)
Machine relation Machine size (LxWxH) mm 13378x6000x6247
Machine weight ton 130

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