Zitai Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Founded in 1981, ZITAI has been in professional cold chamber die casting machine & ancillary equipments manufacturing ever since, Through years of dedication and commitment the name "ZITAI" is a finally being a source to be reckoned with & accepted in Die casting industry globally.


Zitai Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd.'s mission is to develop the highest quality, long range APPLICATION through experience, passion, innovation and advanced technology that exceeds our customers’ needs and expectations. Our roots are Die Casting Machine, and we are maintaining our leadership in that market.
Zitai Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. has consistently leveraged the combination of our partners’ technologies with our own existing know-how and manufacturing capabilities to provide high quality GENERAL CASTING to customers. We look forward to serving you in all of your Die Casting Machine, Aluminum Casting Machine, Cold Chamber Die Casting Machine, High Pressure Die Casting Machine, HDPC needs, and we welcome your questions, your comments, and your business.