ZSP Series - Auto Sprayer
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Robotic sprayer


Model FRS-42A
Application of die casting machine 420T~730T
Robot collaboration M-20i
Robot load(Kg) 20
Atomization quantity of steel tube type 8
Air-blowing quantity of steel tube 8
Air-blowing & atomization quantity of sprayer nozzle type 26
Control circuit 8
Maximum stroke of bottom side of fixed platen 1000


Robotics sprayer can correspond with the nozzle, the steel-tube type and the spray type.

1. Steel-tube type : Pressure of release agent (MPa):0.5~2.0Kg/Diameter of steel tube:Ø7/Air-blowing pressure of 3-step selective mode<3,5,7Kg> and water flow of 4-step setting

2. Spray nozzle : Pressure of release agent (MPa):1.0~2.0Kg/Diameter of copper tube:Ø5/Air-blowing pressure is fixed mode/Manual adjustment or non-adjustment of water flow

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