Gravity casting machine


PMC-1250 Function interpretation

1. Tie bar distance 1250 X 1100 (MM)
2. Die height distance 400~900(MM)
3. Opening stroke 1000(MM)
4. Vertical/Horizontal (0°~90°)
5. Die-opening/Die-closing:
  • Ascending to await die-opening
  • Descending to await die-opening
  • Ascending and die-opening
  • 6. Core:
  • Core (in) after die-closing and core (out) before die-opening
  • Core(in) before die-closing and core (out) after die-opening
  • Core (in) after die-closing and die-opening during the process of core (out) together with
  • opening the die to withdraw finished products
    7. Toggle: Use of oil-free bushing
    8. Add power supply of mould constant temperature and detection contacts for the moving and fixed platens/10X2 KVA power supply/3PH temperature controlled less than 500℃
    9. Computer control which can display lean angle
    MODEL PMC-1250
    Clamping force 80 ton
    Die platen dimension 1580 x 1565 mm
    Tie bar distance 1250 x 1100 mm
    Die height distance 400 ~ 900 mm
    Die stroke 1000 mm
    Tie bar diameter Ø 110 mm
    Ejecting force 12 ton
    Ejecting stroke mid ejection stroke 0~200 mm
    front ejection stroke 0~150 mm
    Motor capacity 58 KVA
    Machine size 5650L x 2500W x 5650H
    Machine weight 21 ton