ZDC-3000TCM, 3000T Die Casting Machine


3000T Die Casting Machine

Locking force: 3000Ton
Die height: 1000-2000mm
Tie bar distance: 1700x1700mm
Max. weight of shot: 47.6kgf
Max. casting area: 2525~5462cm2
Horsepower required: 200KVA

  Main Item Unit ZDC-3000TCM
Locking Unit Locking force ton 3000
Die platen dimension mm 2350 x 2650
Tie bar distance mm 1700 x 1700
Die height distance mm 1000 ~ 2000
Die stroke mm 1500
Tie bar diameter mm Ø330
Die adjustment speed mm/min 60~70
Ejecting unit Ejecting force ton 90
Ejecting stroke mm 320
Core unit Electromagnetic valve PT 3/4" x 8(sets)
Oil outlet PT 3/4" x 16(sets)
Electric system Motor capacity voltage KW Pump 75X2(sets)
Power source V
Capacity of power source KVA 200
Shot unit Shot force ton 140~210
Max. shot speed(*) M/Sec 6.0
Plunger stroke mm 1200
Plunger tip penetration mm 550
Plunger tip diameter mm Min Med Max
Ø140 Ø150 Ø160 Ø170 Ø180
Casting Pressure Kgf/cm2 908~1364 791~1188 695~1044 616~925 549~825
Casting area cm2 3304~2199 3793~2525 4315~2873 4872~3243 5462~3636
Net shot weight Kgf 28.8 33.1 37.6 42.5 47.6
Cooling water system Cooling water inlet pipe diameter PT 2"
Die cooling water outlet pipe diameter
(in & out)
PT 1-1/4" x 1 (inlet)
2-1/2" x 1 (outlet)
Number of die cooling
water adjusting valve cooling water
PC 30 (inlet)
30 (outlet)
Die cooling water Ltr/min 250~300
Hydraulic system Die & ejecting pressure Kgf/cm2 180
Max. Intensified pressure of injection Kgf/cm2 227~341
Cycling oil volume Ltr 3453
Cooling water Ltr/min 350 (Water temp 25oC)
Machine relation Machine size (LxWxH) mm 15691x5800x7300
Machine weight ton 220

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